does Cl refer to chlorine or chloride

Dear friends, does Cl refers to chlorine or chloride?
does chlorine same as calsium hipoklorite like the one in swimming pool if yes, then does chloride refers to like the one in HCL.
and what happens if mercury containing gold add by calsium hipoklorite?thanks. iam little bit confuse here :?:


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"Cl" is the symbol for the element chlorine.

What exactly you are referring to when you say (or write) "chlorine" or "Cl" depends on the context!!

In what context are you seeing the "Cl"?

For example

Cl (as an element) =chlorine
CaCl2 = calcium chloride

well what i need to know excacly is what is the reaction of mercury containing particels of gold with calsium hipoklorit/calsium chloride.

calcium hypochlorite (maybe it is a wrong spelling)=Ca(ClO)[size=9]2[/size]
calcium chloride=CaCl[size=9]2[/size]

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