what is the structure of carbon monoxide?

what is the structure of carbon monoxide?i think that is CO. however, oxygen have six outermost shell electrons but carbon has four only . they have three bond pairs and i think oxygen share four electrons while carbon share two electrons in the bond pairs . and i right?


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The Lewis bond concept of "sharing" pairs of electrons begins to get a bit stretched here.....

You can get a better understanding of how the bonding actually works using MO theory.....
(with MO theory, rather than start off thinking "how many electrons does this atom have to share?",
you start off thinking "what orbitals do these atoms have?" .....
.....then you draw a diagram of the "molecular orbitals" that form when the atomic orbitals merge......
....then you can populate the MOs with the available electrons,
and see what kind of bonds you end up with.

The molecule is "isoelectronic" with N2

Yes, CO has the same structure as N2. Oxygen needs two electrons to share (or get in ionic bond) , and carbon needs four. So O gives two electrons from his energy level into the common bond with C. Now there is a triple bond between C and O making the molecule like N2 and both of the elements have 8 valentic electrons.

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