Build of "rotation phase"

I've got a realy big problems. My name is Patricia & I try 2 find any informations about the specyficy crystal object called :
[b][color=blue]"rotaion phase"[/color][/b]
unfortunately it's ain't easy task. I'm in "dead point" Like this crystal structures were top secret .
Maybe U who read this could help me .

If U got any informations about this structuries , maybe U could recomande me some books thats will put a light on this topic (or publications , web links , emails 2 people who realy are intrested in or working on "rotation phases" )anything - I'm despeted

[color=red]I would be really grateful[/color]

My email:


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Your best bet would be to go to a local university library and look up books on crystallography.

Well I could do this but I'm litte bussy now & I've been run' out off time every day. Thats why I look in internet.
Thats Y I repeat my recuest

pardon me
but your spelling is preposterously ahine lol

:) MAYBE but I don't care as long as everybody knows whats I wanna 2 say

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