Factors should be paid attention to when bearing and seal

Work to make up for good lubrication performance of the conditions and policy environment, and to maximize the use of such as bearings and seals. Bearing seal sealing and more can be classified as its sealing, take turns in the manufacturing and seal sealing performance, more in need of a choice. We are choose to attach more importance to rotation factor is?
Seal the benefits of including rotation, which is suitable and so on. The facility chain, dismantle become cheaper.
Therefore, should ensure that the steps sealing six factors:
Gasoline, oil, and lubricating oil (1, bearing (oil and lubricant), rotation Angle and auxiliary structure in the workplace, around trees, ground, seals, bearing temperature, the cost of production.
2, causing the vehicle to work within the scope of eutrophication, correcting serious violation GuoZai direct access to more serious, in the early stages of mechanical failure and personal safety.The reason for the existence of the main bearing ring fracture http://goballbearingsblog.tumblr.com/post/94114770470/the-reason-for-the-existence-of-the-main-bearing-ring
Third, banned for circulating funds anomalies.
4, regular check each step, the close monitoring of whether the parties bearing noise and temperature, sharp; Inject fat lubricating oil regularly or as needed.
5, use, held once every six months at least, replacing fixed bearing gas, oil and lubricating oil;
Schedule 6, bearing maintenance inspection bearing: remove and gasoline, indoor and outdoor YuanZhuMian look carefully bearing wash if sliding or peristalsis bearing, domestic and overseas situation in somalia, baldness and aircraft use and distorted wear, maintain or not according to the bearing in turn, to continue the trial.

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