Periodic table for Android

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I wanted nice periodic table of elements in my android phone. No ads,
no permissions, perfect readability and nice design. No one was perfect
so I must write my own.

Periodic Table for Android. No ads. Require no
permissions. A description of each element contains a Latin name,
symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, oxidation, Pauling
electronegativity, number of stable isotopes, the number of unstable
isotopes, melting point, boiling point and density. Localised to:
English, French, German, Czech and Slovak.


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Is there IOS version?

Is there IOS version?

Very nice! you have really

Very nice! you have really done a good job, finally a complete android version. Thanks for sharing your amazing app.

i am try to download but its

i am try to download but its not working properly
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