Environment friendly dendrimer based insulation varnish have good performance.

Environment friendly dendrimer based insulation varnish have good performance.
Conventional environment friendly varnish mainly composed by synthetic resin, curing agents and reactive diluent. Its characteristics are: ① fast curing;
② good fluidity and permeability; ③ insulation integrity is good; ④less volatile in curing process. However, the current general diluent, such as styrene, vinyl toluene, etc. have following problems: ① high toxicity; ② large volatility; ③ serious environmental pollution, limiting application of varnish without solvent. Dendrimer is spherical and three-dimensional structure with low degree of inter-chain winding and a large number of reactive end groups, and also having ①a high solubility, ② low viscosity, ③good thermal stability, ④ good electrical insulating properties and so on.
Development of dendritic polymer resin materials with low viscosity, easy processing and good compatibility instead of diluent, can improve solvent-free varnish environmental performance and processing behavior, while varnish have good storage stability, low volatile, non-toxic, little pollution, compared with traditional paint they have a greater advantage. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers.-The newest 4th class polymers.


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