Starlike dendritic polymers modified acrylate resin coatings have good performances.

Starlike dendritic polymers modified acrylate resin coatings have good performances.
Water-based acrylate resin coatings use water as medium, it’s an environment friendly coatings as VOC is little. The disadvantage is the high surface tension of water, it results in poor leveling property, slow drying, sagging, craterring,low gloss etc. Because of bad water resistance,
it hasn’t been used in automatic coatings. Dendrimers (CYD-CR111/CYD-CR236/CYD-CR486/CYD-CV11etc.) can offer more active crosslinking point to lower viscosity of coatings and increase leveling property and crosslinking density, thus getting curing film with better over-all properties.Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers.


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yes am agreeing in previous

yes am agreeing in previous comment and in coating one of the most important coating is field coating( consistency and quality are critical for the integrity of an offshore pipeline’s coating system. Bredero Shaw therefore offers end-to-end coating solutions, including linepipe and field joint coatings, while enhancing operator safety and reducing the operational footprint in the field.Bredero Shaw can mobilize its field joint coating equipment and experienced teams to any location required by your project. Our teams and equipment have completed projects both onshore on spoolbases or fabrication yards and offshore on pipeline installation vessels.

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