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Well now, which do you think will be cheaper - a metal that there's LOADS of just lying in the ground for the taking..... or a metal that is really scarce and there's only 1 known deposit, in Outer Mongolia?

What do you think will be cheaper, a metal that needs a really complicated technological process to extract from the ground in a usuable form, or a metal that you can just dig out with a spade?

What do you think will be most commonly used in consumer goods?
A metal which is extreeeeeeeeemely expensive, or a metal that's cheap?

.....these are some of the questions you might like to think about...

Haha.. wow... Yeah... that's true...

But where's the evidence I have to back it up with copper and aluminium... I need facts about their approximate cost or maybe some statistics... What can I type in google that'll give me some.....

how about "copper" "aluminium" "cost" and "abundance" ...? roll

"Price of aluminium" as a phrase. :)

Aluminum used to cost thousands of dollars per ounce. It was once considered a "precious metal" akin to gold and platinum. That was because although there was lots of aluminum around, it was VERY costly to extract it from its ores with the methods they had available. It wasn't until somebody did some investigating and research, and developed a MUCH cheaper method of extracting aluminum, that it became more widely used. Now it's dirt cheap since it's everywhere and it can cheaply be extracted.

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