Modified hyperbranched polyester has promising application in paint film,coating field.

After using caprolactone and lauric acid to modify hyperbranched polyester, the film properties in gloss, impact resistance, adhesion and flexibility is very excellent. Caprolactone and lauric acid-modifiedhyperbranched polyester has the best performance, lowest viscosity of 7500 mPa • s, the coating is dry in 40 minutes, and the hardness is F. Seperately using caprolactone or lauric acid modifiedHBP-1 and HBP-2, the corresponding data are 7 × 105 mPa • s, 20 minutes, HB, and 17500mPa • of s, 90 minutes and 2B. In addition, coating with lauric acid and benzoic acid-modified hyperbranched polyester in adhesion, hardness and is greatly improved, and increasing the amount of benzoic acid can improve the pendulum hardness. CY Dendrimer forwards from Yong Wang, Yanan Zhu, Qu Jniqing Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, 2013, 3 (29):14-21; And Chemical Industry and Engineering (1.South China University of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 2. Garbo Li Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.)


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