Wide applications of dendrimers in leather field

Due to dendrimer's special branched structure and the large number of end groups, it has promising applications in leather field. Hydroxyl terminated dendrimer used for industrial leather field, has many advantages: (1) It can be used as retanning agent to improve the crack resistance and the leather air permeability; (2) It can be used as soaking auxiliary agent to enhance penetration of water, speed and balance the soaking process, improve loose collagen fiber, and softness, fullness of leather; (3) It can be used as retanning agent in chrome tanning process to reduce the dosage, reduce the content of chromium ion in boots waste and achieve the clean leather-making requirements; (4) It can be used as leather wastewater treatment agent to remove organics, wastewater Cr (Ⅲ) and suspended matter, purify the tannery wastewater and protect environment effectively; (5) It can be used as dyeing auxiliaries with good performance to improve the dyeing effect of leather, minimize the amount of dye, lighten chroma of dye wastewater. Therefore, it is a new type of green leather chemicals that has theoretical significance and wide application, could protect environment, save resources, promote the sustainable development of leather industry. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd forwards from "Synthesis of Hydroxyl Terminated Dendrimers and its Application in Leather Industry", Cha Ma, Long Li, Jinjing Liu, Yanqin Li, Xinbin Yi, Hao Yu, ....Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University.., ..China.... Leather.....


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