Infor share: New drug carrier material

It has been a difficult problem for the biomedicalfield to develop new drug carriers to improve oral drug’s bioavailability anddrug targeting. By oral administration in mice experiments, tracking andmonitoring anionic G6.0 PAMAM-COOH transport changes in the body through themouth, we can get the following conclusions: (1) PAMAM-COOH as a drug carrierin mice body is stable. (2) PAMAM-COOH can enter mice through the oraladministration, while maintaining the biological stability it can also enterthe body circulation, distribute to a certain organ with the targeting. (3)1mg/kg PAMAM-COOH taken by mouth has no drug toxicity, and thereis no difference in the state of growth with normal mice. Based onthis, we can determine PAMAM as a drug carrier has huge potential applicationsto improve oral drug’s bioavailability and drug targeting. Weihai CY Dendrimer TechnologyCo.,Ltd. forwards from "Evidence of Oral Translocation ofAnionic G6.5 Dendrimers in Mice" Giridhar Thiagarajan, United States,Shraddha Sadekar, United States, Mol.Pharmaceutics 2013, 10, 988-998.


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