greetings from thoson

Hello all,
I am Thomson from USA,The world around us is made of materials of all kind. In future, the role of materials in the human society will undergo more drastic changes. In fact, this change has already started. Understanding how materials work, what gives materials the properties that they have and how wonderful, new materials can be synthesized will form one of the major focuses of science and engineering in the coming years.

For the last 40 or more years the main use for Tellurium is in the steel manufacturing industry. Upwards of 50% (source:USGS) or more of the end-use of Tellurium is still used as an alloying agent with iron and steel. Roughly, the additive of 0.04% Tellurium to steel makes it much easier to work with in bending, cutting, shaping, and turning,etc,for details to visit


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