Serial Dilution Dilemma

Hello, I am undergraduate student and need a bit of help.

Specifically, I would appreciate your assistance in helping me confirm how to do serial dilutions to obtain 2 specific concentrations.

Resveratrol has a molar mass of 228 g/mol.
it can be dissolved in 16 mg/ml DMSO. This is the minimal volume for it to be soluable.

if we cross multiply we can determine that the stock concentration is 70 mM. This solution will be my 'master mix'. For the first run i only need to apply 10mM and 40 mM of variable concentration of resveratrol to my cells. would I do this? I dont think that this is particularly difficut, but yet I am struggling a bit.

Please let me know how to do this and comment on the initial mass and volumes I should use. Thanks!


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