Two New Periodic Table Layouts

The Vajra Periodic Table shows an insightful layout of the elements based upon electron structure. The idea came to me after examining Fernando Dufour's Elementree 3D version of the elements.

The Pauling Spheron Periodic Table bases upon the categorizing of atomic nuclei by their spins as presented by Linus Pauling. The Pauling table is also insightful as it shows hints of the nuclear structures in elements.

The two periodic tables show two different views of the atoms. The Vajra table is the electron view, and the Pauling table is the nucleus view. Both views are necessary because the electrons bind according to different rules than do the nucleons. If one is studying nuclear structures, they do not necessarily want to be looking at a table based upon unrelated electron structure patterns.

Both tables include the new elements.

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Thanks for the nice post.

Thanks for the nice post.

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