Periodic Table - What's official?

I am about to take an exam on Mon. 3rd May.

My chemistry book says that there are 92 natural elements and 20 man made ones, making 112.

But, as I see it there are 118, of which I believe 116, as 113 and 115 were claimed in Feb. 2004. 116 is short live and so are 117 and 118 (which only lasts milliseconds before decomposing to 116).

What is the correct number "OFFICIALLY", cause if I answer it incorrectly.....????

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This site is correct. It gets updated more frequently than your textbook.

The answer is the one your textbook gives.

Your teacher will be marking your assignment based on what he/she has taught you. Your teacher sounds very much "by the book," (YOU ARE LEARNING FROM) shall we say...

he didn't actually mention anything about his teacher at all!

Anyways, IUPAC call the shots as to what's official.

he didn't actually mention anything about his teacher at all

Who taught him, his cat, from the milk bowl???

that fact that someone may have taught him does not imply that said person "sounds" like they are "by the book".

In fact, he only mentioned a book....

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