transistional elements, characteristics in a period, why they cycle in each period.......

I am learning chemistry, and i suck at school, i am a B C student which a C is like 80 at me school and usually a 75er for chemistry, but i cant understand this leasson at all, it is dealing with the periods, why the periods cycle, what makes a element a transitional element and so forth, i am going to post my questions and answers for a few, could you please explain them to me and just not the ansewrs thanks :)
1- which of the following elements is a transition metal
calcium, lead, nickel, aluminum
2- complete the sentece, select all that apply
the last element is any period always has
its outer shell completed, 8 electrons in the outer most shell, the properties of a noble gas, lowest atomic mass b/c its a gas

3- Which elelments are in Cobalt subgroup
______ _______ ______ (no choices given)
4- Which elelment in group IIA will have the higheest melting temperature ________________

thanks if you could help me and please just dont answer, explain to me why it you said it was, i am not that bright in science, give me a guitar and ill blow ya socks off, but God hasnt given me the brain for science, more HxC brain than anything so thanks all you people


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