Help Needed: Caulculating Masses (MilliCan Experiment)

My homework involves a number of masses, ranging between 16.45g and 63.58g, with numerous, random intervals. Each mass represents a can with a cerain number of lead balls it. The objective is to find the mass of a single ball, but it is impossible to tell (at the moment) how many balls are in each can, nor do I know the mass of the can.

The masses are: 16.45g, 16.65g, 16.84g, 16.90g, 24.11g, 24.12g, 27.28g, 27.33g, 38.63g, 38.74g, 41.88g, 42.33g, 42.60g, 45.80g, 49.36g, 49.54g, 60.18g, and 63.58g.
This includes the balls in each can and the can itself.

If anyone knows how to find the mass of a single lead ball or has any ideas, please help!!


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What is the smallest

What is the smallest difference in weight? That should be the weight of a single lead BB.

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