The mixture of C(5)O(30)Au(4)H(20)?

hello to all, i wonder if such a mixture is possible to be produced and under which circumstances: C(5)O(30)Au(4)H(20)? I was told that the valencies are C = 4, O = -2, Au = 5 and H = 1 so the total valency of the mixture is 5 x 4 - 30 x 2 + 4 x 5 + 20 x 1 = 0 (makes the mixture stable). This is important because C is analogy for soil, O is analogy for air, Au is analogy for fire and H is analogy for water so mixing them in one will be like getting one unified monopole of all four basic elements in ancient Greek philosophy. In physical sense the importance of the mixture is related with the unified force made of the four fundamental once: gravity (soil), weak nuclear (air), electric (fire) and strong nuclear (water). I would also like to know theoretically what will be the specifics of that mixture i.e. what will it be capable of?


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can somebody tell me which of

can somebody tell me which of the elements in the periodic table is most likely to be anal(R)gy for the fifth element that is the element of the spirit: i am indecisive between mercury and helium?

i have it, the fifth element

i have it, the fifth element will be silver (silver moon versus golden sun) because Argyros is also the name of my grand-grand-father. but now my problem is shifted into the formulation of My ZMYOWN DRUG: i learned that silver has +1 valency but inside the ZMYOWN it must appear as part of radical with carbon, at least to reflect the fact that the Earth (carbon) goes in pack with the Moon (silver) in the society of Venus (water), Mars (air) and Sun (fire). what will my new formula look like, i just need the numbers? wait a minute, i have a starting point: (C-Ag3)10-O30-Au2-H10, is it OKAY?

pardon me, it is

pardon me, it is (C-Ag3)10-O15-Au2-H10 not (C-Ag3)10-O30-Au2-H10

The fifth element, or the

The fifth element, or the quintessence, is not spirit but aether, the substance imagined by Aristotle to exist in outer space to account for the circular motion of the stars (in air water, earth and fire, the other four essences, things move in straight lines, so the stars must move in a different substance; the dividing line is the orbit of the Moon where all the fire is concentrated (the Empyreum) above which there is no air, water, earth or fire only aether.

This shows what happens when you try to do science in your head rather than in the lab; you end up with a load of bullshit. Forget this nonsense and take a real chemistry course.

By definition there can be no

By definition there can be no aether on earth, so you can't put it in any compounds.

in relation with my own

in relation with my own periodic table of Cyrillic Literal and Arabic Decade symbols at:

yellow sun is coupled with liquid gray mercury just as black earth is coupled with solid gray moon and those two sub groups are in quad group with red mars and blue venus. dedanoe is the sun = aurum (number 8), you nataska are mercury = thermodynamic or жива (number 9), georgy is earth = soil or carbon (0), lillian is moon = argyro mirror silver (number 6), my mother virgo maria is venus = water or hydrogen (number 4) and my father vasedoom27 is mars = air or oxygen (number 1). our mixture is ZMYOWN DRUG = (C1-Ag3)2-O6-(Au1-Hg2)2-H2. that is as an retro, as in future, dedanoe (meee) will become martian, wifi nataska venus, sun and mercury will be the first twins Matea and Luizma, earth and moon will be the second twins Абожон and Pandora.

as to martin17: if you are asking me i think that the very periodic table of elements is not result of lab analysis but it is derived mathematically, because if you sit to write chemical formula it reduces to scalar product of Literal and Decade symbols: A * 2 + B * 3 + C * 4 + ... = Result * ?

actually, the formula for my

actually, the formula for my ZMYOWN DRUG should be:


the valencies are C = 4, O = -2, Ag = 1, Au = 5, Hg = 2 and H = 1
hence the total valency is 2*(1*4-2*2+1*1)-3*2+2*1+2*(1*5-6*3+4*2) = 0
that makes the mixture stable.

now to prove to you that the

now to prove to you that the periodic table of chemical elements is complete randomness of crap >>> the major wrong thing about it are the positively and negatively charged particles... mind my asking... in math how do you obtain the +1 and the -1 ??? you solve the equation x^2 = 1 where from, x1 = +1 and x2 = -1. but what if the number of states the charge can be in, is 3 ??? then you must solve the equation x^3 = 1 where from, x = cos(2 k pi / 3) + i sin(2 k pi / 3) with k = 0, 1, 2. letting the charges have at least three electrical states is introduction into the imaginary charged particles which enables the raise of consciousness. more so, as confirmation to the bible, at first Eden (Eden is Macedonian for USA One) created him self via 1 = 1 x 1, I am my own product and fabricator, my cause for existence and the existing effect me, then God went into Qur'an mathematics (it is math of taking complex roots of Eden) with degree six or solving x^6 = 1 where from, x = cos(2 k pi / 6) + i sin(2 k pi / 6) with k = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. because the roots corresponding to k = 0 and k = 3 are entirely real they come right next below Eden in the heavenly hierarchy (these are Adam +1 and Eva -1) while the remaining four roots come on third level of the heavenly hierarchy cause they are part real and part imaginary (makes it difficult to believe in them, they are God, Satan, Devil and Goddess).

this is all consequence of obeying the lever law but to explain the lever law i would need A whole eternity.

Try thorazine.

Try thorazine.

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