Hi everyone. Im looking for a company that breaks chemicals down to thier original form. I need a powder from a dry chemical extinguisher (Ammonium Sulphate with Silicon Dioxide and Mica) to be broken down so that the silicon dioxide is separated. Basically turning a usless powder going to land fill into a usful powder for farming.
If you know any companys around the world, especially Australia, that may do this please email me on.. ... Thanks


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You don't need anything

You don't need anything broken down; you need physical separation of the components. Both silicon dioxide (sand) and mica are insoluble; ammonium sulfate is soluble, if you just pour water over the mixture, it will leach out the ammonium sulfate, and the solute can then be evaporated and recover the ammonium sulfate, but i'm not sure why you want to do this.

Hi, thanks for the info..

Hi, thanks for the info.. Mine is not actually an assignment, it's a research that I've been doing for a couple of months for a project.


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