Recent articles and other publications on the Periodic Table

An article appeared in the British chemistry magazine, 'Chemistry World'
recently, entitled Periodic Change, by Eric Scerri. In it Scerri reviews the alterantive periodic tables currently available and explains the main categories of periodic systems. see his website for other titles
Another article is by Michelle Francl in the new journal 'Nature Chremistry' issue 2. This is titled 'Table Manners'. Also, Eric Scerri Selected Papers on the Periodic Table, Imperial College Press, 2009.
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edited by Eric Scerri (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

The book contains key articles by Eric Scerri, the leading authority on the history and philosophy of the periodic table of the elements. These articles explore a range of topics such as the historical evolution of the periodic system as well as its philosophical status and its relationship to modern quantum physics. This must-have publication is completely unique as there is nothing of this form currently available on the market.


Chemistry, Spectroscopy, and the Question of Reduction
The Electronic Configuration Model, Quantum Mechanics and Reduction
The Periodic Table and the Electron
How Good is the Quantum Mechanical Explanation of the Periodic System
Prediction and the Periodic Table
Löwdin's Remarks on the Aufbau Principle and a Philosopher's View of Ab Initio Quantum Chemistry
Mendeleev's Legacy
The Role of Triads in the Evolution of the Periodic Table: Past and Present
The Past and Future of the Periodic Table
The Dual Sense of the Term "Elements", Attempts to Derive the Madelung Rule, and the Optimal Form of the Periodic Table, If Any

Readership: students, philosophers and science historians, science educators, chemists and physicists.

200pp (approx.) Pub. date: Scheduled Fall 2009
ISBN 978-1-84816-425-3

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