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Calcium carbonate combines with HCl to produce calcium chloride, water, and carbon dioxide gas. How many moles of HCl are required to react with 2.5 moles of calcium carbonate? How many moles of carbon dioxide would be produced

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Start by writing down a

Start by writing down a balanced equation for the reaction


The species involved are

The species involved are
calcium carbonate: CaCO3
calcium chloride: CaCl2
carbon dioxide: CO2
hydrochloric acid: HCl
water: H2O

They must be arranged in the order of reactants and products and the total number of atoms on both sides must remain the same. Each unit of a reactant or product is a mole; therefore the balanced equation

1 CaCO3 + 2 HCl > 1 CaCl2 + 1 CO2 + 1 H2O
gives you the ratios of reactants and products. If you multiply CaCO3 by 2.5, you must multiply each value of the balanced equation by 2.5 as well.

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