why some smoke given out when a bottle of Hcl is put in air?


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chlorine, I assume the HCl is mixing with some of the H2O in air

[quote="UCB Mitch"]chlorine, I assume the HCl is mixing with some of the H2O in air[/quote]

Actually Mitch, I do not believe that the HCl molecule will dissociate into hydrogen and chlorine. I think it's just hydrogen chloride vapor evaporating into the air. Perhaps where the bottle was opened there was some ammonia vapor in the air?

I notice the same "smoke" when I dilute concentrated HCl with H2O. So, it seems odd to me that it would just be HCl vapor. Can we test this somehow?

The "smoke" is fog, ie water vapor attracted to invisible molecules of HCl.

That's what I had thought.

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