How do you find the number of neutrons if you know the number of electrons?

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taking d simple concept....

taking d simple concept....
if we knw d atomic no. of d element dat is d no. of e-s. then if d atomic no. is even den multiplying it by 2... we get d mass no. further subtracting atomic no. from mass no. we will b left wid d no. of neutrons.....
but in case if d atomic no. is odd... then multiply it wid 2 n add 1 to it... thus value of mass no. is obtained then again subtraction of atomic no. frm mass no..... no. of neutrons will b known...
i hope dis information will b quite useful 4 all d 1z who face problem in this...
rimi ratra

The atmoic mass = protons +

The atmoic mass = protons + neutrons
The atomic number = # of protons , which also equals # of electrons

To find the number of neutrons, simply subtract the atomic number from the (rounded) atomic mass. The mass may vary based on how your teacher instructs you to round though, so find that out first.

atomic mass - atomic number = # of protons

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