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Hey everyone. I really only joined this forum for one, well, two reasons. Firstly, Id like to ask for help and ideas with a project im working on. It's an application that can solve equations and do conversions. (not like an ordinary calculator, though) It also can do a number of other things.. ..has a periodic table, a standard calculator, a journal, etc. My second reason was to show off what I have a little bit. Just a little, though. :]

Back to the main purpose, though. I'm looking for ideas as to what equations to add, what conversions to make, what features to add, etc.. If you dont understand what I mean, check it out at:

If you have information or ideas, please post them on the BLOG, not here. I know it seems like this is just a spam message because of that, and i feel kind of bad for asking it, but Its hard for me to check google groups, the blog, sourceforge, and all of the other things im attempting to get assistance from. But your help would be much obliged.

Heres a link to the blog, too:

Well, check it out and get back to me.

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