Elements 56 and 57

Hi there, I am new to the group and look forward to learning. I was reading about the periodic table and trying to figure if there are different tables. I read the Element 56 was Lanthium and 57 was Cerium. Could this be correct or a mistake. The document was quite old.

Also is there a formula to convert the F and C melting and boiling point to the Kelvin scale?

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I think it must be a

I think it must be a misprint; my earliest periodic chart with atomic numbers is from 1925, and lanthanum (not lanthium) is correctly given as 57 and cerium is 58 while barium holds the position 56; moreover, in his version of the periodic chart before atomic numbers, Mendeleev, giving only atomic weights, still consistently gives the order as barium, lanthanum, and cerium, although he mistakenly placed cerium in his group IV rather than as an f-block appendix to group III as we do now.

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