Periodic Table
There The new Arrangement is of chemical elements. What about that do you think?

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It is perfectly ghastly;

It is perfectly ghastly; there is no consistent direction; sometimes you go up, sometimes down, and related families like halogens are scattered all over the place. Aside from being quite hideous, it is also quite unusable.

What a waste of time and bandwidth.

It defeats the purpose of

It defeats the purpose of the word "Periodic".

It's an insult to Mendelev.

Here I see two "excellent

Here I see two "excellent scientists"!

I have a question and

I have a question and desperately need help.

I am about to enroll in an online chemistry class but want to try to get a headstart.

I have never taken Chemisty and don't know the first thing to do or where to start.

Can someone please help me?



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