Origin of elements

Somebody: I've been wondering. If simple elements formed together to begin the Universe as we know it, where did the elements come from? For example, I noticed someone asked this question and got the answer, "from stars"...Well, where did the star come from, and back and back to a non-existent beginning. How can anything be a beginning? What made the beginning?. What type of energy puts things into motion?. What is energy?. What enables energy to behave?. What makes anything behave?. We say this came from that, and so on....but really, there has to be a starting point, right?. But how can something start from nothing?

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While it is a fundamental

While it is a fundamental belief of the pagans that everything has to start from something (note their mantra nihil e nihilo fit, quoted by the deluded King Lear as "nothing will come of nothing"), Cordelia and Shakespeare adopt the Christian view of St. Thomas that nothing is the beginning of everything.

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