Indium as a mineral supplement

I came across this web site while doing research on the use of Indium as a mineral supplement. I found an article that dismissed its nutrient value. There were also several comments that supported that thesis. I, however, am not too sure of the accuracy of these comments. While it is true that there has been little study of the possible health benefits form taking Indium, I believe that there may be many health benefits. And, I doubt that taking Indium in the recommend doses and manner is harmful.
Why do I doubt that taking an Indium supplement is harmful? I just got off the phone with George Bonadio, the man who first discovered the value of Indium as a mineral supplement. He first realized its value to mammals when he studied a paper written by Dr. Henry Schroder where he noticed that in tests on rodents, those that were given Indium had lower cancer rates than the control group. He began taking small amounts of it and noticed several benefits. He gave it to other family members and friends. This was about 1978 or earlier. His first patent on the use of Indium as a mineral supplement was in 1978 and he experimented with it for awhile before applying. George is now over 90 years old. He has been taking Indium continuously for over 42 years. He told me that whenever people ask how old he is, he asks them to first guess his age. He said that the average was around 70. He seems to be in good generally good condition. He does use a hearing aid and his memory is weak. But his voice sounds very vigorous. I would think that if Indium was harmful, the harm would have shown up on George a long time ago.

best wishes, Howard Davis

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