funny homework

My physics teacher make up a tricky question.

Olympus mons is a shield volcano on the planet mars. about three times the height of mt. everest, it is the largest volcano in the solar system. A Hershey's kiss is a yummy candy that is sort of mountain shaped. How many moles of Hershey's kisses would it take to equal the volume of olypmus mons?

I think olypmus mons's volume is about 6mil km well its 100x the volume of Mauna Loa. so how do i find the mole of a hershey's kisses to equal the volume of olypmus mons?


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i think you could just take

i think you could just take the volume of the mtn, divide it by the volume of a hershey's kiss to get how many hershey's kisses it would take to fill a mtn that size, then divide by avagadro's to get moles

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