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Hey. My names marq (pronounced mark). Im a junior. I am in desperate need of help in chemistry. mostly stoichiometry and solutions. If you can give me a little guidance, please message me and we'll talk.


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Density Functional Theory,

Density Functional Theory, my favorate theory and tools for sloving the structures of Condensed Maters!
I'm glad to help with your problems, I'm major in quantum physics and ab-initio calculations in the frame work of Density functional theory for the structures of condensed matters.
my email address:
I do not use MSN tool for on line talk. but I use QQ .

I need help with my

I need help with my stoichiometry homework. the problem says.. 54.0 grams of aluminum react with oxygen. how many grams of aluminum oxide are produced? if anyone could show me how to do the problems thanks...


OK, you look aluminum oxide

OK, you look aluminum oxide up to find the formula (or recognize that because it occurs in column 13 (what used to be IIIA) that it is trivalent. The empirical formula is Al2O3. Because the atomic weight of Al is approximately 27, 54 grams of Al = 2 moles of Al; three moles of O would be 2 times the atomic weight of O or 3x16 = 48; 48 + 54 (the combined weight of Al and O used) = 102 grams of Al2O3.

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