Process: Separate (table salt- NaCl) through Electrolysis

Im in year 12 and i got an homework/research about 'breaking down NaCl' into Na and Cl
Ive been searching through Yahoo and Google but the best information ive found is : you can separate salt through electrolysis- but it does not tell you how.

Can anyone help me with the process?


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You have to melt the salt;

You have to melt the salt; this is done by adding a little CaCl2 to the mixture and heating to about 800 C; normally the reaction is done in a graphite vessel specially constructed for the purpose. There is a spiggot at the bottom where the molten Na collects and is drawn off into oil to prevent burning in air. A central electrode attracts the Cl2 and this is vented off. I imagine that nowadays people are more concerned about the Cl2 getting out and destroying the ozone layer. Most older chemistry books will have a diagram of the set up.

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