Book on Periodic Table among outstanding acedemic books of year 2007

Choice library magazine has announced its "outstanding academic books for year 2007".

including 7 books in the chemistry category.


Carraher, Charles E., Jr. Introduction to polymer chemistry. Taylor & Francis, 2007. 503p index afp ISBN 0849370477, $79.95 Jun '07, 44-5651

CRC handbook of chemistry and physics on CD-ROM: Version 2007, ed. by David R. Lide. CRC Press, 2007. ISBN 0849328780, $159.95 1 disc; user directions. System requirements: Windows 2000/XP. Oct '07, 45-0878

Pollak, Peter. Fine chemicals: the industry and the business. Wiley-Interscience, 2007. 234p index ISBN 9780470050750, $100.00 Dec '07, 45-2039

Scerri, Eric R. The periodic table: its story and its significance. Oxford, 2007. 346p index afp ISBN 0195305736, $35.00 Sep '07, 45-0289

Sheldon, Roger Arthur. Green chemistry and catalysis, by Roger Arthur Sheldon, Isabel Arends, and Ulf Hanefeld. Wiley-VCH, 2007 . 433p bibl index afp ISBN 9783527307159, $185.00 Dec '07, 45-2040

Wright, Margaret Robson. An introduction to aqueous electrolyte solutions. Wiley, 2007. 574p index afp ISBN 0470842946 pbk, $75.00 Dec '07, 45-2043

Wuts, Peter G.M. Greene's protective groups in organic synthesis, by Peter G.M. Wuts and Theodora W. Greene. Wiley, 2007. 1,082p index ISBN 0471697540, $94.95 May '07, 44-5067

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