dreadlocks = vulcanization


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No, it's a fashion faux pas.

what the hell :?

[quote]when dreadlocks form is this vulcanization?[/quote]

No, essentially it's felting.

From [url]http://www.spongobongo.com/zy9963.htm[/url]

Wool - Felting and Spinning

Felting refers to the interlocking of of the scales of the wool fiber. Each individual fiber has scales. When we draw out fibers into a thread it draws because the fibers catch one another and then as the spin is applied they hold together in a thread. The catching or interlocking of the scales is called felting.

To make wool into felt one needs moisture, heat, movement, and pressure. Wool scales open up with the application of moisture and and heat. Then with the movement under pressure the scales deeply interlock creating felt. 8,000 years ago man began to capture herds of sheep and keep them until needed for meat. Natural pens of narrow ravines which could be blocked at one end were used to confine the sheep. The dense outer coating of hair and kemp would molt. While hair and kemp are ill-suited for spinning into yarn they will felt. Sheep urine provided both moisture and heat. With the sheep in confinement providing the motion and pressure the large clumps of molt could naturally become felt. Early man would find many uses for felt and begin to make felt themselves. I think it is obvious that the first floorcoverings made from sheep were most likely felt which would of been used with reed mats.

And it is a fashion faux pas.

Just to make sure you know why it's not vulcanization.

From [url]http://www.britannica.com/eb/article?eu=77777[/url]
In its simplest form, vulcanization is brought about by heating rubber with sulfur.

Yes but many crusties DO actually boil their hair in rubber and sulphur
to make their rancid dreadlocks.

Other techniques include being sick in their own hair
and keeping their hair in a bin.

Re: dreadlocks = vulcanization

[quote="run from the crazies"]when dreadlocks form is this vulcanization? :?:[/quote]

i've never seen a vulcan with dreadlocks....


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