Boiling points


I would like to ask why H2S's boiling point is higher than HCl's.



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Like H2O, H2S has an angle

Like H2O, H2S has an angle and is polarized, so while the H is attracted to the S, little bits of H2S or H2O have positively or negatively charged sides and can be attracted to other couples as well, so like buddies on the track team all the H2S couples stick together; therefore, their eletromagnetic mutual attraction requires extra energy to separate them. HCl is very standoffish, the H being tightly attracted to Cl and Cl to the H so like a cheerleader and football player they form a sosh-couple, they ignore just about everybody else on campus, so its very easy for them to go off on their own.

Thanks for the reply. I

Thanks for the reply. I understand most of your reply but i still don't understand why HCl is more "standoffish" than H2S. What is the difference in their chemical properties that causes this "standoffish" effect?


The geometry of the molecule

The geometry of the molecule means that it doesn't have as great a difference in electric charge. In HCl one end is + and the other is -, but the angle of H2O or H2S creates


so that one side is much stronger than the other; it is really the geometry of the bond angle in H2O and H2S that accounts for their behavior.

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