reaction with dilute hydrochloric acid

:D can anyone tell me what thing will be created when potassium react with dilute hydrochloric acid"? i think is potassium chloride and hydrogen but i dont know whether it is correct. thanks


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You are right.

2K + 2HCl --> 2KCl + H2



Good luck seeing the H2 the reaction is so exothermic it'll probably explode.

In dilute HCl I would expect the reaction to be

4K + 4 H2O + O2 > 4KOH + 2H2 + O2 > 4KOH + 2H20 + BOOM!!!

The dissolved 4KOH + 4HCl > 4K+ + 4Cl + 4(OH)- + 4H+

After the explosion, you would indeed have potassium and chloride ions in aqueous solution.

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