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I have this problem and I am lost

Engrium sulfate has the formula, En2(SO4)3, while sodium nortonite has the formula Na2NtO3. Based on these names and formulas, what would you expect for the formula of engrium nortonate?

I came up with En2NtO3 Does this sound okay?


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No. The formula En2(SO4)3

No. The formula En2(SO4)3 implies that the ion of Engrium is trivalent, ie En+3 because SO4-2 is bivalent; therefore in a neutral compound 2x3 + 3x-2 = 0. Similarly, the formula Na2(NtO3)implies that the nortonate ion is bivalent because sodium has a charge of +1, ie 2x1 + 1x-2 = 0.

The correct answer is therefore En2(NtO3)3; the resulting compound is analogous to ceric carbonate Ce2(CO3)3.

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