Lead and Lightning

I havea question about something that happened to me. rather happened to a wind generator that I constructed in my backyard. it involved the lead packing around the generator shaft and a direct lighning strike.
One night shortly after Iput the generator up, I was up duing a thunderstorm watch it between flashes of lightningand it took a direct hit. Iwas surprised by the power of the strike, three distinct bolts hit the aluminum (4ft dia) rotor and the shaft. Two hit the tips of the blades and one hit the shaft directly on the rotor end.
Now, I jambed a lead packing in the plastic pvc housing around the shaft of the generator just behind the rotor to keep water out. upon inspection the bolt of lightning hit the lead packing directly and blew it out of the cavity around the shaft. it appears to methat
a charge built up in the lead and "attracted the lightning or made it seek potental there causing the strike.
I took the generator down because of the danger of another strike. Howerver I may feel compelled to put it back up if I can safeguard it from future strikes. I did ground the neg wire.(DC generator)and the pole as well. 8' ground rod at the pole and the panel.My question in not about the grounding scheme but more about the properties of lead and my assertions that lead along witht the aluminum rotor "attracted" the bolt.

Anyone with thoughts or expertise care to comment?

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what you mean?

what you mean?

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