unstable heavy elements

Mark- I just looked up Rutherfordium to see what is being said about these "research-special atoms". Of course, not much to say, since one only gets a few at a time and they decay in less than a second so there isn't time to do much chemical experimenting with them. I'd like it if something to that effect was said on the Web-Elements pages for elements like this. Maybe a short boilerplate like: "No uses, due to nearly instantaneous radioactive decay." That way you don't have to look up (for each one) up how many orders of magnitude less than a second it takes to vanish. And that way the newbie knowledge-pilgrim would clearly know why this branch of his search for exotic trans-uranium substances has reached an end. And if the decay-time information is available, then the half-lives of the observed isotopes are the main real info the page could give us.

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Jim Thanks for comment. The

Thanks for comment. The isotopes section in general is getting as bit of a revamp shortlyand the type of comments you suggest hopefully will be part of that.


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