refining sodium out of salt

i need ideas for an aperatus to atain the temp or rifining sodium out of sat it needs to get to about 800 degrees celcus or about 1700 degrees ferinhight


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What sort of ideas do u

What sort of ideas do u need? What color to paint it? Where to put it? What to call it? How to spell it?

Everyone seems to be after

Everyone seems to be after sodium these days! It's really nothing special although I suppose it is fun to cut a metal with a knife and more so to watch it catch fire with water!

I am rather hesitant to tell you how to construct a Castner or a Downs cell but really, it is quite simple to do! I suggest you consult patents, literature (in particular Ulmann's Industrial Encyclopedia), and then post back with your own idea so that it can be reviewed for safety!

I suppose proper spelling, basic chemical knowledge, and perhaps motivation should be prerequisites to this type of knowledge.

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