indium and titanium


between indium and titanium, which is more reactive?

If i heat up titanium oxide with indium, will it be oxidised? and i get indium oxide and titanium??


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Ti vs. In

As we know right off the bat that both [b]Titanium[/b] and [b]Indium[/b] are [b]metals[/b] but Indium is much more reactive for it is in the 5th period vs the ti in the 4th period. [b]Indium[/b] has rare uses but [b]Titanium[/b] has many uses in the industry because of its low weight, strength, and hight melting point. that answers which one is more reactive. > Indium is.

Titanium forms TiO2 Titanium dioxide which is used in paint. It's very stable!
If you place Titanium odixe and Indium they likely not to react under standard conditions.
If you want to make sure try and see for yourself.

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