Reactivity for first 20 elements

I have this chemistry assignment, and I need to place the first 20 elements in reactivity order...

Is this possible? I was trying to do it first by the ionisation energies, but when comparing it to a metal reactivity series, it was different.

How do you place non-metals in reactivity order? Also, when going by the IE, i got Helium > Neon > Fluorine > Argon > Nitrogen > Oxygen....

Shouldnt it be Helium > Neon > Argon since they are all group 8 elements?


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Do you mean reactivity of

Do you mean reactivity of elements or atoms? IE is a measure for atoms but not always useful as it gives the tendency to lose and electron whereas elements like F want to pick up electrons to make fluoride. Also , do you mena reactivity with water, or oxygen or what exactly?



ohh. i understand about the

ohh. i understand about the IE now thanks ^^.

well, my assingment was the "first 20 elements" don't think it was atoms.

but don't worry about it now. The question was too vague, and it's not likely they'll ask me a question in the exam about it.


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