Heavy Water

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Out of interest, what is heavy water?



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heavy water

[b]well in response to your post, heavy water is actually chemically the same as regular (light) water, but with the two hydrogen atoms (as in H2O) replaced with deuterium atoms (D2O). deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen; it has one extra neutron. thus the deutrium atom consists of one proton and one neutron in the atomic nucleus and one orbiting electron. it is the extra neutron that makes heavy water "heavy". i think it makes water 10% heavier. cool huh?[/b]

Heavy water is dideuterium oxide, or D2O or 2H2O. It is chemically the same as normal water, H2O, but the hydrogen atoms are of the heavy isotope deuterium, in which the nucleus contains a neutron in addition to the proton found in the nucleus of any hydrogen atom.

If you have a centrifuge you can seperate the D2O :P

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