Stoichiometry Problem

In my Chemistry II class, my teacher did an experiment involving dropping solid Sodium metal into a beaker filled with distilled water, which caused an explosion that shattered the beaker. After the experiment, he gave us this problem to answer, which counts as four test grades:

The density of Sodium metal is 0.97g/cm³. If Mr. Oliver used a rectangular prism of Sodium metal 2.50 cm x 1.00 cm x 0.50 cm, how many liters of Hydrogen and Oxygen gas at 500°C and 1.00 atm would be produced when placed in ¾ of a liter of water? Would the Hydrogen and Oxygen be in a perfect stoichiometric mixture?

He also gave us these balanced chemical equations which he said would help us solve this problem:

1. 2Na + 2H2O 2NaOH + H2

2. 4Na + O2 2Na2O

3. 2Na2O Na2O2 + 2Na

4. Na2O2 +2H2O2 H2O2 + 2NaOH

5. H2O2 2H2O + O2

6. 2H2 + O2 2H2O

Side reaction = Na2O + H2O 2NaOH

This is due on Monday, and if anybody could please help me with this, I would REALLY appreciate it!


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I need help 2

I need help 2

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