Global warming is


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Whether there is natural

Whether there is natural variation is not the issue.
The problem is the excess stress that we add to the environment.

We are definitely making a very bad impact on our world's ecosystem - This is the point of the global warming argument.

The actual impact includes deforestation, burning of coal for electricity (which also poisons the seas with mercury), the use of gasoline, production of excess methane from domestic cattle and farm fowl, cigarette smoking, etc, etc...

We really do need to convert our culture and technologies to sustainable methods, and fossil fuels are definitely not a method of sustainable energy production.

What happened during the

What happened during the last ice age? Global Warming. We have a globe that is warming to but not in the same way which happened during the Ice Age. CO2 is almost ruining our lives because of factories. Who the h### invented the factory building? We are trading needs for wants when half the world still doesn't know that! 50 years later watch coal go out. Another 36000 years later watch uranium go out (half-life) but by then global warming will go

Basic Problem is: 1.

Basic Problem is:

1. Motivation by and for "THE BOTTTOM LINE" Powered by Greed.

2. No fixed value on the medium of exchange $ in USA "CURRENCY SHOULD NOT BE A COMMODITY"

Note: This attitude will eventually distroy all species and Planet Earth will become a Rock.

Solution: Wake up to "REALITY" Mankind must control "OUR DESTINY AS A RESPONSIBLE !!!

CARETAKER OF MOTHER EARTH." In addition the voluntary control of human population.

Providing a proper ecosystem for all species. Mankind must shed a huge amount of

"EGO" and a greater respect for it's origin.

Global Warming is happening,

Global Warming is happening, but not to factories and other human influences. It is happening due to polar compression which has in turn caused all of the affects we are experiencing everyday. I can explain it all if anyone is willing to listen! Please respond with URGENCY impact will rely deep within exponents of which we do not have very much time.

♥chemiOlympia♥ 4

4 is caused by man-made...coz supposedly if there are no human industrial activities like emitting gases or either cutting down of trees...., then there could be no possible effects or changes that would occur in our environment....try to think of it...

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