Global warming is

not man-made but is merely the warming part during natural variation in climate
43% (121 votes)
man-made and not caused by natural variation in climate
57% (160 votes)
Total votes: 281


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I actually think is is

I actually think is is partly natural causes since there is signs of previously milder global warming, but I think this global warming's main cause is man made

We got talking ones about Global Warming in my AP Economics class, and he pointed one thing out.

What is one of the worst Greenhouse Gas? CO2 What is the biggest source of CO2? Cow Piles! To reduce CO2 emissions we bust greatly cut back in cow pastures!


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Everyone is crazy...To some extent

Anyone who has doubts or saw

Anyone who has doubts or saw the Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth should also see this documentary.......

The greenhouse gas that has

The greenhouse gas that has the majority role in the climate (80 % plus) is water vapor. CO2 is only one of many very minor role players.

Just go to the following web site and read the article by the head of the meteorology department at the University of Wisconsin. Don't allow yourself to be misled by a buffoon like Al Gore.

Also, just 30 years ago books were written warning of the coming ice age. The climate does change. Just accept it and live with it.


Global warming is caused by

Global warming is caused by the sun and its proximity to the earth. It has become almost like a religion to some like Al Gore who are brain washing America's youth. These tactics are used to scare people and to gain funding for more government control. The more control the government has the less freedom we have as Americans. Wake up people!

P.S. Man will not destroy the earth only God will do that.

Reserach carbon sink - new

Reserach carbon sink - new information

After researching different

After researching different topics for different subjects I found that most ideas that are politicized have very easily retrievable answers. More often than not these easy answers are wrong. Anytime a study of some sort reinforces the impending doom from the affects of CO2 you will see it on CNN, CBS, and all of the other fearmongering stations; however, when there is substantial evidence contradicting the affects of CO2 there is rarely, if ever, a mention of it. Virtually all of the evidence from respected scientists points to water vapor as the foremost cause of global warming. There are varying theories as to how and why it is occurring, but the bottomline is that the planet's water cycle has too many variables and is too complex to be understood by our scientists (and the discussion is way beyond the grasp of a vast majority of our feeble minded politicians in America).

Oh, I thought its partly

Oh, I thought its partly natural variation in climate. So who is right then?

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I would say both I do

I would say both I do believe that natural variation in climate is happening but I believe we are also impacting this natural occurance by speeding the process up . Either way we are all in agreement that it is happening its weather we want to live miserably ie smogg grit pollution noxious odors ... or survive in a more plesant atmposphere. I have a philosophy that I call the the american ghetto pholosophy... if someone is to say I live in an american ghetto i would tell them that a real ghetto is when you are not fighting over the latest kicks its where you are fighting for food and survival not just ripping each other off ... I say this to say that our early relatives really lived and survived the planitary change and if we look carefully we will see we are making it harder for ourselves and causing a global american ghetto. We have too much and take for granted our resources . Resources our early relatives did not have but were still able to survive!! So I think every one should do their part either way you believe so were not making each other miserable!!Because face it everyone its really happening!!

There were at one time

There were at one time indications from the Mars Polar Orbiter that CO2 was out gassing at an accelerating rate from the Martian South Pole, indicating that the Martian climate was also warming. I have not seen any more on this pro or con from any source since the initial news releases, and can find nothing on the JPL website. Makes me wonder if the Hansen clique at NASA has been suppressing information contrary to the dogma they are spreading with the help of folks like Al Gore that all global warming is a result of man. Seems to me that the climate should be warming: in Historical Geology class I was told we were in an interglacial period. After all, 20,000 years ago all my favorite fishing holes were under a kilometer of ice!!!

or called global freezing

or called global freezing

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