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I am a first semester chemistry student in college taking Chem-1406 Essential/General Chemistry. I am working on an extra credit assignment that is supposed to be 22 slides long done in powerpoint. Well he gives us the criteria he wants on each slide about an element of our choosing but I am a little confused on what he means by "Properties" of calcium. Does he mean the subatomic particles or something else? Also he ask us to list the row in which our element is located. I don't know "rows" but I do know the groups and periods. Does "Row" fall into one of these two items?

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Row = Period Column = Group

Row = Period
Column = Group

Well this is confusing

Well this is confusing because he makes it sound as though they are two different things for row and period. His exact words on the assignment say, "Symbol, atomic number,row and period, common valence, atomic weight and natural state." I will just assume that what you said is what he meant by it. Thanks!

It's not uncommon to refer

It's not uncommon to refer to periods as rows. Not sure sure what rows AND periods means. Why 22 slides?


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