aspirin back titration

Hey, wonder if anyone could help me,

I am doing a back titration to determine the purity of a sample of aspirin. I have made up a standard solution of the aspirin in 50/50 water and ethanol, to dissolve it, and i have calculated the moles of this standard solution. I will then add 20cm^3 of this standard solution into a flask and then add 20cm^3 of NaOH. I have also calculated the moles of the NaOH required taking into consideration that excess will be required. But in order to hydrolyse the aspirin I need to work out what the concentration of the NaOH solution must be. What calculations would I have to do to work out the concentration of NaOH needed?

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Number of potential drug

Number of potential drug interactions can occur when aspirin is used in combination with other medications. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is usually recommended instead of aspirin in these situations.

You just need a suitable

You just need a suitable amount of water in which you can dissolve aspirin to make a saturated solution and then check out the formula concentration of Aspirin. This will let you know the exact percentage. You can also ask from any Drug Rehab Facility provider.

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