Ok, i have a few questions on the Moles and i was thinking what the formula for the calculation of moles is?

Well these are additional questions i am wondering about:
1.What is a mole?
2.What has avogardo rule has to do with calculating the moles?
3.How does the atomic mass has to do with the moles??

I am new to chemistry and am not getting the hang of it.
If u have any answers plz do answer me.

This forum is the best :wink:

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A mole is an amount of matter, specifically, an Avogadro's number of molecules (or atoms) of a substance. That matter will have a mass of the atomic weight in grams (might be Kg, I haven't done this in a while). If it's a molecule, you have to add up all the atomic weights to get the mass of an Avogadro of the substance. So a mole is just a measurement of an amount of matter.

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