PLEASE HELP!!! silver info...

hey everyone! new to the forum here... and it seems like most of you are very generous with helping others with homework (in my case, a small part of a project) so anyways... i hope somebody can help me out with these... if you know either of them... please respond letting me know!and if you don't mind... i'd much rather prefer you email me any answers (
k, here they are...

1. How many electrons(does silver have)? protons? neautrons?
2. quantum number of silver
3. is your element (silver) found free in nature? if not, how would it find you? (pure form)
4. what is its entropy value? (silver)
5. what is its (silvers) Gibbs free energy value?

believe it or not i've gotten most of the harder questions done for this project... it is actually some of these more simple ones that i can't seem to find nor remember how to do! ANY answers to ANY of these questions would be IMMENSELY appreciated.



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As air circulates, the

As air circulates, the coated surfaces contact with the silver ions which can resist any airborne bacteria, which in turn suppress the respiration of bacteria, adversely affects bacteria's cellular metabolism and inhibits cell growth.

Most of that should be on this site?

Silver has 47 protons. (atomic number) Also 47 electrons and, in "regular" form, 47 neutrons I believe. But the rest should be on the site or try google, you can find almost anything.

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