I need help please. I don't know that much about this but what is gold minus terbium?

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Are u sure that u mean

Are u sure that u mean terbium (Tb) and not tellurium (Te)?

Also could u be a little more specific about what you wanna know?

Gold (Au) = 79 Terbium

Gold (Au) = 79
Terbium (Tb) = 65

Gold minus Terbium = 79-65 = 14 = Silicon (Si)

Assuing it's the protons only we are subtracting (which define what the elements are), and not the average stomic masses.

Is that what you were trying to do? If so, then just look at the periodic table for the numbers! If it's somethng far more complex, then I'm with Martin - be more specific plz

Do you mean gold telluride?

Do you mean gold telluride? See




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